Social Networking Meetup

By MarkBurhop

It is the Sunday before the start of PLM Connection First on the list is a social meetup for those of us “online” folks. We’ve agreed to use #plmconx for any tags (twitter, flickr, etc.). We got a mix of people, some that are regular bloggers, some that are interested in starting.

I did a quick demo of the Flip camera showing how easy it is to “film” and upload a video to YouTube. Of course, this lead to a discussion on how YouTube is blocked at many corporate sites. Personally, I’ve talked to a lot of folks who say their companies are now reviewing these policies. The concern is that by blocking social media, you may actually be hurting your company by not giving them access to productivity enhancing information – for example a CAD tutorial on YouTube.

For the folks that attended the social networking meetup, here is the video:

First 4 or 5 folks at the Siemens PLM Meetup

I’ve scouted out a few good blogging couches on the top floor of the conference facilities where you may find me during my “down time”. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to talking about the Solid Edge products, especially Solid Edge Simulation.

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