Saving packing and shipping costs for Manufacturers

By abhidastidar

When you travel, do you struggle with packing bags, and making sure that you are carrying all your essentials? Especially, in this day and age of airline baggage restrictions, packing bag requires skill of its own. At home, I realized that my wife is more skillful than I am when it comes to packing for airline travel, so I have willingly delegated that responsibility to her.

Manufacturers have the same problem as we have when it comes to packing and shipping stuffs. Manufacturers want to save on their shipping costs, so they want to make sure that they can pack their products in boxes and crates in the most optimal way. They also have to make sure that their products are packed the right way so that it doesn’t get damaged during shipments.

Fortunately, I have my wife to help with packing when I travel. However, there is good news for Manufacturers, they can use Tecnomatix Process Designer “container packing solution”, and use it to find the most optimal way to pack their products and ship it safely.

Watch this video and learn about container packing in Process Designer.

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