Render Them Speechless

By Dora Smith


One relic on my desk is a framed cover shot from the first calendar we did in 1997. At the time we wanted to show customers the possibilities of photorealistic images by highlighting other customers who pushed the limits of the technology to create some amazing art. 

Now, 12 years later, we get an overwhelming response to our annual calendar contest program. With the processing speed available today, high-resolution images are produced very quickly.

You can see from this diverse set of images that customers from every industry are using either Solid Edge Virtual Studio or NX Visualization to produce dramatic product shots. And not just for our calendar. These companies use them in their own marketing – brochures, websites, product documentation.

Check out the top images on our Flickr page. Comment on your favorite. We also have a complete Global Image Gallery on our website. 

Here are my favorites:


a superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavity from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


the Avantric citrus juicer from Cordesign


a prototype driver and headcover from Adams Golf.

Also check out the Special Selections page with images like this concept car from Perktold Design and state-of-the-art hospital beds from Hill-Rom.



Last but not  least – see the Around the World page with more images like this sound and vision mixer by The Alloy and a Ducati motorcycle valve system.


FYI, we had a blog post on The Alloy’s presentation at our Siemens PLM Connection Europe event where Gus Desbarats explained a lean innovation breakthrough by integrating classic Industrial Design and engineering.


That’s got to get to your motor running…

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