PLM Connection: Swiss Perspectives

By Dora Smith

2008-07-28 (53)

I took the picture above last year when we visited family in Switzerland. It was hanging on a chalet high in the mountains. The Swiss flag was subliminally flying one evening last week at PLM Connection Europe when our Swiss customers gathered for a few drinks and country-specific comradery. I’ve always been impressed that a country about the fourth the size of my home state has four different languages. I asked my Swiss colleague, Sascha Rüttimann, to help me interview a couple of customers in English and German.

In Switzerland, the languages are diverse and so are the business conditions. One customer noted they experienced growth this year while another said it was a very tough year.

Here are our interviews with John Steerwood of the Gallus Group, which manufacturers printing presses and Daniel Baumgartner of ALSTOM (Switzerland) AG, which manufactures transportation and energy infrastructures.


Here’s Daniel talking about why he attends PLM Connection and what presentation he found most interesting:

In English:

In German:

Here’s Daniel talking about the business climates and challenges they look for PLM to address (in German):

Here’s John talking about why he attends PLM Connection.In English:

In German:

Here John addresses the business climate for his company this year and where they look to PLM help them addresss business challenges.

In English:

In German:

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