PLM Connection: Assembly Planning using Teamcenter

By Markus Erlmann

The second day of the PLM Connection starts with an interesting session about Assembly Planning using Teamcenter which is part of the Assembly Planning and Validation solution. Uli Rossgoderer describes the workflow of a manufacturing engineer and highlights multiple new capabilities.


The workflow starts with the management of the manufacturing BOM (bill-of-material) and the alignment between MBOM and EBOM (engineering bill-of-process). This is quite important as the manufacturing engineer takes an assembly oriented view compared to the design engineer which uses a product-function oriented view.

Next step is the process planning. Several new capabilities support this workflow step. Examples are the new time management or the Gantt chart which allows you to see the dependencies between your manufacturing processes. In addition the updated Live Excel capability allows you to edit your assembly processes directly in Microsoft Excel. Important to mention that Excel is directly linked to Teamcenter during this process taking into account all stored rules like entering e.g. only a date into a specific field.

Once the process planning is done the manufacturing engineer wants to validate the assembly processes by using Process Simulate on top of Teamcenter. E.g. validate the assembly sequence to be collision free or optimize a manual assembly work place using our digital human model Jack.

Finally the manufacturing engineer wants to document the assembly processes and create work instructions which the workers on the shop floor using to get know of the tasks to perform the assembly. Teamcenter Publish provide an easy to use solution to re-use the planning results and create work instructions automatically. New in Tecnomatix 9 is the capability to schedule a batch update of the work instructions which ensure, that they are always up-to-date.

If you want to learn more about this digital manufacturing solution on top of Teamcenter please visit the Assembly Planning and Validation homepage.

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