NX Synchronous CAE

By JerrySarfati

Synchronous Technology has been talked about intensively in the design community.  But did you know that it also impacts other areas – such as CAE?

NX’s Design Freedom powered by Synchronous Technology can be used to defeature a model quickly and easily using imported geometry. Before creating a mesh, an analyst may need to simplify this model to remove small features that will impact his ability to create a quality mesh but are irrelevant to the analysis.  This is where synchronous technology comes in.

See how it works in this video.

An analyst makes simple changes to non-NX design geometry to prepare the model for analysis.  Later when the design changes he/she quickly updates the CAE model and results without losing any of the model prep work.

See also a previous post on one of our customers using this approach for faster wind turbine design.

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