NX Simulation – Past and Future

I’ve been following some of the analysis presentations this week. Working on the Velocity side of the Siemens PLM, I’m a bit partial to FEMAP. However, in my past life I’ve worked on IDEAS Master FEM and helped a bit with the first release of NX Simulation.

When UGS and SDRC came together several years ago, one big plus was that the future NX products could benefit from the large and experienced IDEAS analysis development team. Still, it was a big job. There was a lot of IDEAS functionality to bring over to the new NX product. Developers had to learn a new code base. In addition, this was an excellent time to architect a truly advanced product and not a copy of some older architecture (despite how good it might have been- there are still a lot of loyal IDEAS users here).

For NX6, Assembly FEMs are one of the big additions – and more powerful than what existed in IDEAS. In addition NX6 analysis data not only integrates into Teamcenter, there are some simulation centric tools that can be used. Analysts have a lot of data so keeping track of this data and knowing status (are these results out-of-date?) is important. I noticed several customer presentations talking about the advantage of using Teamcenter for analysis data.

Talking with some old colleagues working on the NX Simulation products, they seem pretty happy. With all the work of integration, ramp-up and coming up with new architectures well behind them, they are running quickly in adding more and more high-quality analysis functionality to NX. You will see this in NX6 and I’d expect even more in future releases.

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