NX Motion Simulation

By MarkBurhop

I dropped in the NX Motion Simulation class in the afternoon. Pete Ogilvie from Siemens’ Milford Ohio office did the training in a class filled withHP LP2465 24 inch monitors. There is nothing like watching one of these fully animated models on these huge, shape screens. The class was packed.

NX Motion Simulation helps designers understand the motion of assemblies and products. People in the class were provided a pre-built assembly from which they could link the parts together using such things as bars, gears, springs, dampers. Motion drivers could then be used to “turn” the model.

The training today was with NX5. I spoke briefly with Giles Dubourg, one of the NX Simulation product managers asking him about NX6. He told me that NX6 will also be providing “controls” which can simulate the motion being driven by electronics.

Since we are talkng about assembly motion, some video is probably better than anything I can write. I dug up a couple Youtube videos here:

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