NX CAE Symposium – Jim Rusk Keynote

By JerrySarfati

Following is another report from Mark and the team, from the NX CAE Symposium.


Jim Rusk, VP Product Engineering, presented this morning at the NX CAE Symposium about “Securing your Product Development Future with NX CAE Simulation.”  Jim outlined key challenges companies face, such as the difficulty in predicting system behavior and ensuring all design requirements are met.  Jim then discussed how Siemens PLM, with over 40 years of CAE heritage, is capable of tackling these challenges.

Jim explained how NX for Simulation consists of a common advanced simulation environment that enables analysts to build and simulate analysis models for motion analysis, structural linear and nonlinear analysis, thermal, flow, coupled physics simulation and more.  In addition to this common simulation environment, Siemens offers an extension to its world-leading data management solution, Teamcenter, that enables analysts to effectively manage their simulation data and processes.  And finally, Jim discussed how NX Nastran forms the backbone of Siemens’ structural analysis simulation capabilities, but NX Nastran is also available at the enterprise level for use on network clusters and integrate with other third-party simulation tools.

 Finally, Jim spent time detailing how Siemens continues to heavily invest in developing its CAE technology, and this investment can be broken down into four main categories: Multi-discipline Simulation & Optimization; Simulation/Design Integration; System Simulation; and Simulation Data/Process Management:

Investments in these areas results in these benefits for our customers:Earlier evaluation of design trade-offs

  • Faster design-analyze-evaluate iterations

  • Enterprise-wide visibility to simulation results and knowledge

  • Increased confidence that products will meet functional requirements


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