No Lasers but Solid Edge Sponsor EDA Can Use The Source

Most of the sponsors at Solid Edge University have products that integrate with Solid Edge.  As you may know, Solid Edge has an extensive API (application programming interface) and this is how they do it.  It is also used heavily by customers. In fact, more than 1 in 5 of our Solid Edge University attendees are signing up for Developer Day to learn how to extend and automate Solid Edge using this API (more on this later).

But what if you don’t have someone that can write code or your needs go beyond a simple Visual Basic task?  This is where our next sponsor, Engineering Design Automation comes in. They are the upcoming expert in Solid Edge code-fu. After they get done, Solid Edge will do things faster, easier, and tuned to your company’s needs. Mmmmm…. Smell the productivity!

EDA is also helping out with our Solid Edge Developer Day where they will be imparting heavy doses of their knowledge to Solid Edge coding padawans.When we talk about an “ecosystem”, this is one of things we are thinking about… Solid Edge, partners, and customers all helping each other for the benefit of everyone.

If you are at developer day, you will no doubt get to know some of the EDA folks pretty well.  If you are just attending Solid Edge University or coding scares you, go visit the EDA booth.

Now, onto our questions:

How does your company plan to achieve world domination and how will your products help do this?

EDA plans to achieve WORLD DOMINATION THROUGH AUTOMATION!  Not only is this a catchy slogan that rhymes, but our customers really do get more done than the competition by using our individually tailored software to automate Solid Edge, eliminate repetitive tasks, and configure & design stuff faster than humanly possible.

What can a customer do with your product? Who is your ideal customer?

The customer can take a coffee break with our products.  Click a button, walk away from your computer, and let the automated software do the heavy lifting.  Our ideal customer is one who looks at the work he or she is doing, and thinks, “Isn’t there a way to automate this? I need a coffee break….” (Burhop comment: this is how I think.  If you don’t like coffee, you might also use the time to get more work done 🙂 )

How can our readers join you in your plan for world domination?

Join us in WORLD DOMINATION THROUGH AUTOMATION at!  Try a demo, check out our blog, or contact us for more information on how we can supercharge your Solid Edge environment.  Looking for free stuff? Download a free trial of Revision Maker here. Too lazy to do any of that?  (You really need some automation!) Watch this video instead.

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