New Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology Customer Videos from Spain

By SusanCinadr

Our Spanish team recently completed three new videos about our customers using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology. With the help of our partner Pixel Sistemas, you can now watch videos about:

SENER (Engineering Services) used Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology to improve their project execution timescales. Two projects that Sener uses Solid Edge are the optical instrument for Earth observation using a Spanish satellite, the first Spanish satellite containing an optical instrument called SEOSAT/Ingenio. The second project is a mechanism to collect asteroid samples. Both projects are the responsibility of European Space Agency (ESA).

LAZPIUR (Precision machinery and tool manufacturer for automotive and appliance market) migrated from 2D to 3D using Solid Edge in 2004. The evaluation of Solid Edge showed an assembly that took 10-15 hrs. in design was cut to 2-3 hrs. Productivity has increased approximately 500%. Synchronous Technology allows LAZPIUR greater flexibility when making module changes, particularly in the concept stages.


IBARMIA (Machine Tool Manufacturer) sees an advantage to using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, editing on the spot with customers. They find ST easy to use and understand, improving part reuse by directly modifying parts for new designs in a short timescale.

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