Meet Future Engineers and Inventors Will, Nick and Franco

By Dora Smith

Auburn University and Huntsville Center of Technology highschool students

You’ve already met two of the students in this picture from my previous posts – David Paulk and Michael Nunnelly. Here David and Michael are talking to three students from the Huntsville Center for Technology (HCT) at Solid Edge University. At user events, you typically see customers from different companies and different industries sharing best practices. At SEU12, it was really great to see academic interaction. Students talked to other Solid Edge users from companies that could be future employers. And students from different academic levels collaborated.

Here’s my video interview with HCT students Will Cobb, Nick Peterson and Franco Camarillo.

Nick is intrested in all aspects of engineering and likes the Greenpower project because it integrates experience in all.

“I like this project because it incorporates all engineering into one – an aerospace, electrical and mechanical aspect.”

As the first U.S. Greenpower team, HCT students are getting some media attention. They were featured in this article in the Huntsville Times.

HCT’s mission is to “to develop students that are college and career ready.” For more on the real-world projects students engage in, see my Rocket City High School projects post with a video interview with instructor Mike Evans.

Their advice for the next generation:
“Try your best… Be creative… Keep it simple… Try new things… You have to take the extra step… Do hands-on extracurricular activities.”

Will mentioned in the video that they have helped create a Greenpower parts library. We’ll be loading the parts up and sharing them soon on our website. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more on Greenpower and Team USA. The national race is at Goodwood in the UK on Oct. 14th.

Auburn University and Huntsville Center of Technology highschool students

– Dora

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