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In my last blog, I gave an introduction to Live Rules. Today, I’ll move onto advanced Live Rules but before doing so, I wanted to point out that Ingenea created a very nice youtube video on Live Rules which I’m including below:

You can see Ingenea’s blog here. Now, onto advanced Live Rules….

Advanced Live Rules

Consider the part below where the green face is selected. The coplanar live rule option is selected causing two coplanar faces to participate in the synchronous solve (the thin blue and yellow face). However, in this advanced example, we really only want the blue face to participate in the solve and the yellow face to remain where it is.



Using the Advanced panel for Live Rules, users can pick and choose which faces should obey the Live Rules and which can be ignored. The image below shows the geometry affected by the current options of Concentric, Coplanar, and Tangent Edges. Look to the bottom of the list and you will see the two planar faces that were identified with the “Coplanar” option.



Un-checking an entry removes it from the detected relationship and the element or elements will not participate in the move or rotate operation.

Hovering the cursor over an entry in the Advanced Live Rules PathFinder highlights the associated face in the graphics window.



After unckecking the yellow face (abofe) and rotating the original green face, you can see the result below:



The image below shows how the live rules that are selected affect what is displayed in the advanced window.



What you haven’t seen in this post is how dimensions and PMI come into play with live rules. I’ll try to find some exmaple of this for a future blog.

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