Joint Strike Fighter Not Your Father’s Video Game

By Christian Kelley

Paul Bevilaqua did not disappoint with his presentation on the Joint Strike Force X35. Some of the quotes I jotted down from the presentation that stood out to me.

“A good design tested now is better that a perfect design tested next year.”

“If something doesn’t break on the first test the plane it’s too heavy.”

The presentation was full of slides using CAE as a way for Lockheed to win a contract for development and production of the X-35 in three different models. Not only did they win a contract for the jet, but they also were the winner of the 2001 Collier Trophy Award which is a prestigious award that is given for excellence in aeronautical engineering.

After watching what the CAE slides showed in their models and then to actually see video of the plane doing what that slides said it would do it was a very impressive showing, Paul was correct that a short period of time for the presentation did not due justice to the years of development of the airplane, but Paul did a great job condensing and telling the story of the Joint Strike Fighter. They had me wanting to play that simulator game!

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