Hello World!

By MikeAtkins

Traditionally, the first thing a developer writes in a new computer language is a program that prints “Hello World”, so this seems like a good title for my first post. However, although my role is to manage the D-Cubed development team in the Cambridge (UK) offices, I should make it clear that I personally haven’t written any software for a long time. Fortunately I work with a lot of very talented people who apply their programming skills and mathematical knowledge to the development of the D-Cubed components. Over time, I want to get some of these people to contribute here and share their thoughts about the areas they work in.

Some of you will already know something about the D-Cubed components, but for those who don’t I will give a very brief overview.

The D-Cubed components are set of six products, supplied as libraries for integration into applications. They provide various capabilities, but the common thread is that they work with either 2D or 3D geometry. The products are used in a wide range of applications from many companies, predominantly in the fields of CAD, CAM and CAE. In fact, if you use a CAD system, then this is quite likely to include one or more of our components. However, because they are often embedded deep in the application they may not be visible to the end user, but they provide technology that enables some really neat stuff.

For more information, check out our component software website. The first page gives an excellent introduction, but if you follow the links there are lots of detailed descriptions, animations and other information about our products, our customers, and our customers’ applications.

As you might expect with products that have been used in applications for more than 20 years there is a lot to talk about. In future posts, I’ll highlight some of the features that I think are most interesting, and how these can be used to bring value to end users.

But I’d also like to hear from you. Do you use one or more of our components? If so, what are your most (or least) favourite features? Do you have a question about how to achieve something, or a clever idea that you would like to share?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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