Food Safety tracking and tracing

By SiemensPLM

A critical topic for the CPG Food & Beverage industry is food and product safety. Any number of recalls over the past 18 months to 2 years, peanuts, toys, spinach, and most recently eggs makes this an urgent issue and was a topic of discussion this week at the GMA Executive Conference.

There is a legislation pending to empower the FDA and put in place regulations to make the food supply chain safer. While this is not a simple topic, one clear need is for the ability to track and trace ingredients and components from farm to fork. The key insight here is that different technology is required at different points in the supply chain. What is critical for anyone involved in the food supply chain, e.g.,farmers, manufactuers and retailers, is that they must choose a technology partner with an “open” software philosophy, and able to offer the necessary interoperability.  This full scope perspective by the industry,  and by those who supply tracking and tracing technology from farm to fork, is essential to increase the safety of our food supply.

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