Finding Solid Edge Apps and the Solid Edge Partner Program (Femap too)

Solid Edge Apps

People are always asking me for links to Solid Edge and Femap Apps, how to buy apps, info on our partner program, how it works, how you join, and many more.While I’d personally like to put a big button on the web page that points you to Solid Edge (and Femap) apps, it is probably not going to happen (aside: I do know our web team is working on some updates around Solid Edge so stay tuned).

I do, however, have access to this blog 🙂 so let me give you some good links and other information to help you out:

First of all, we are calling all those applications that run on top of or support Solid Edge “apps”.  Some people would say this fits some “applications” better than others and they are right.  Still, the term is simple and people generally get the concept of an “app”.It isa program built on top of a platform that does one thing well.  It is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to download. We are not there yet with all our apps but thisis the direction.

So, if you want to find “Solid Edge Apps” the best place to start is here:

We’ve been collecting more apps and adding them over the last few months. There are some important ones in the queue as well.Needless to say, we are doing the same with Femap:

Where do these Apps come from?  Basically, anyone could write one.  We even have a daylong session at Solid Edge University on doing just this.  The ones we list on our web page either come from Siemens PLM itself or from companies that are members of our “Siemens PLM Software and Technology Partner Program”.  If you want information on this program, here is the URL:

What about “Voyager”? 

“Voyager” is the name of the Solid Edge Partner program from before Siemens.  Sometimes names die hard (just ask the people that work on Unigraphics NX ). I still have a lot of people calling me the “Voyager guy”. Voyager was combined with similar programs at Siemens PLM to create the “Siemens PLM Software and Technology Partner” program.

What we learned is that while there are certain commonalities between managing 3rd party companies for all of our products, there are important differences too.So, a couple years ago, the Femap and Solid Edge organizations decided to get someone focused full time on just Solid Edge and Femap partners (me!).

Today, I make use of some common tools likelike the standard Siemens PLM website to sign up as a partner. Here is the link if you want to be a S&T partner:

If you click the Solid Edge or Femap option, I’ll see it. We also use the same common processes for GTAC access and downloading of software.

However, I’m really dedicated to helping our Solid Edge and Femap customers and partners.  I’ll ask questions about what tools and technologies customers like or want added to our program.  I’ll reach out to potential partners when I see our customers asking for their technology. I’ll advocate for technology partners on new API functionality and coding examples.

Oh, and I’ll also answer questions about how to find things on the Siemens PLM web site 🙂


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