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Yesterday we started releasing information on the new Solid Edge ST2. Siemens PLM likes to coordinate the release of new information so I’ve needed to keep quiet about the details of what we have been working on.

So Kris, I did it grin No accidental tweets about the customers I’m meeting with. No mention of our new Solid Edge Integrated FEA on Facebook. No tweets like, “Wow, the designers are going to love this new Section Edit functionality!” Marketing really has a hard job these days with employees getting so involved with social media … but that is a subject for another blog.

What is important today is that Solid Edge now has integrated finite element analysis (FEA)! I’m sure the other product managers will say that what is really important for this release is the use of Synchronous Technology for Sheet Metal or the update of Solid Edge Insight to the latest Microsoft SharePoint software. But I know it is the FEA (and it’s not because this is what I’ve been working on wink )

Solid Edge Simulation

I’ve cruised a few web pages today looking for some initial reactions. For example, I saw a couple comments from designers that Femap Express has been upgraded to support assemblies. Well, that is not quite right. It is bigger than that and I’ll try to blog more about it in the next few weeks. It was actually a much larger investment than was made for Femap Express.

Also, is not a “one and done” situation. In talking with customers, there is a huge spectrum of FEA needs. We tried to focus on ease-of-use and the most common designer level needs first but like synchronous technology, We are set up to add more FEA goodness as customers demand it. Of course, we will have to balance this with other Solid Edge needs but I can say Siemens did bulk up our team a bit to cover FEA (score one for companies with long term vision).

I know, I’m still short on details. So comment, tweet me or even post to the solid_edge.misc new group and I’ll try to get you more details as we go forward.

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