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Siemens PLM software garnered two top awards from IDC Research for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for discrete and process manufacturing.

This leadership in MES is largely attributable to the critical role it plays in Siemens’ vision for the Digital Enterprise, the comprehensive industry software portfolio that supports companies in their digital transformation, the journey towards smart manufacturing.

This award is an opportunity to share more on the importance of MES for smart manufacturing.

MES as the Key to Smart Manufacturing

“Smart Manufacturing can be most simply defined as using digital information to transform your manufacturing business to be more innovative, responsive to customers, safe and efficient, and ultimately more profitable.”

– Andrew Hughes, Principal Analyst, LNS Research, e-book “How Manufacturing is Becoming the Center of the Enterprise

 You may have attended the LNS Research webcast “A Smart Manufacturing Journey in a Digital World”, or downloaded their e-book on “How Manufacturing is Becoming the Center of the Enterprise”. If you haven’t, you can download them here. Both offer valuable insights on how to embark on your journey to Smart Manufacturing.

“A large, ‘big bang’ Digital Transformation project effort right at the outset isn’t necessary. Companies early in the transformation journeys should start with limited and realistic ambitions then build upon initial successes.”

– Andrew Hughes, Principal Analyst, LNS Research, e-book “How Manufacturing is Becoming the Center of the Enterprise”

  • Both LNS Research and IDC Research agree with the Siemens vision that MES enable the level of integration and data collection that is the first step in the digital transformation to smart manufacturing.

  • LNS Research findings also show that 80% of factories do not have MES in place.

FactoriesWithoutMES.PNG80% of factories do not have MES, a critical piece of smart manufacturing, in place.










Excellence in MES

Let’s take a look at how the IDC MarketScapes work.

IDC MarketScapes provide a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of vendors can be meaningfully compared. The framework also provides buyers with a 360 degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.

The analysts at IDC looked into the different offerings, compared them from different angles, and more importantly, spoke with the technology buyers and users. The assessment for the 2016 MarketScapes for MES, both for Process and for Discrete industries, states as one of Siemens’ strengths:

“The industry software division of Siemens is part of a giant group with interest in multiple industries, which considers industrial software a strategic asset going forward. This aspect should ensure customers on the commitment of Siemens to sustaining innovation in its MES products. This particularly involves deep integration with production planning, engineering and simulation, capacity planning and detailed production scheduling, quality management, manufacturing intelligence, and SCADA/HMI applications.”

– IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing Execution System 2016 Vendor Assessment

Together with all of the above mentioned portfolio elements the MES forms a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform that is the pivot of the Digital Enterprise.Siemens Leadership in MES is largely attributable to its vision for the Digital Enterprise. MES is a critical component of our comprehensive software portfolio for the global manufacturing industry. This vision backed by best-in-class solutions is today helping companies worldwide in their digital transformation.

  • IDC recognizes Siemens as a leader for its MES software capability and strategy in both discrete and process manufacturing



A lot has already been said about Smart Manufacturing. In the end, it’s a good starting point to assess where you and your manufacturing organization are today. What have you done, what should your next steps be?

More on this topic is available on our Digital Transformations blog, and on the Siemens website.

Both the above mentioned IDC MarketScapes as well as the LNS Research webinar and e-book are available to complete your understanding of the role of MES in Smart Manufacturing. You can download them here.

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