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I had a bit of fun with the Engineer Vs Designer podcast folks this week.  If you have not checked them out, they are Josh  Mings and Adam O’Hern, one a clever engineer and the other an overly creative industrial designer. They do a weekly pod cast that is becoming so popular we may have to come up with a single name for the duo (Mern?  Jadam?MingO’?)

If you like a bit of humor with your CAD news, this is the place to go. To me, it is like watching Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, just substitute CAD for politics and replace the desk with a baby that does rolling commentary.

When I spoke with them we discussed everything from FEA to bird houses, direct editing to twitter. We talked for almost an hour which they trimmed down to about 25 minutes.

Here are some interesting facts that I learned while there:

  • My son is an industrial designer, Adam’s dad in an engineer. Weird.

  • It is actually a lot of work to do one of these pod casts.  Kudos to Adam and Josh for putting in the effort.

  • Josh does the whole pod cast with crayons in his mouth.

  • Birds prefer the bird house of the industrial designer but the engineer’s bird house will stay in the tree longer.

  • Adam has never used Solid Edge but easily came up with an good analogy on how Synchronous Technology works (This is why industrial designers make engineers nervous).

I did manage to get a plug in for Solid Edge Simulation (whoo hoo!).  Unfortunately, my plug for NX got edited out so if anyone wants to read the old news about NX being on the mac, here it is 🙂

You can click here for episode 4: 

If you want to catch up on the old shows (or new shows if you are really slow in getting to my posts) check out the list here.

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