CIMdata Validates Teamcenter Unified Architecture

Teamcenter’s approach to a unified PLM architecture has been validated by customers. Teamcenter evolution from its predecessor products – Teamcenter Engineering and Teamcenter Enterprise – to new unified architecture, built on the latest technology, is more than sum of the two predecessor products.

This is what CIMdata had to say about Teamcenter this week:

“There have been some misconceptions that the current version of Teamcenter is simply a combination of the older Teamcenter Engineering or Teamcenter Enterprise,” said Ken Amann, CIMdata Director of Research. “While Teamcenter 8 incorporates value-added capabilities of earlier versions of both Teamcenter Engineering and Teamcenter Enterprise, this latest Teamcenter is built on a modern, robust architecture, and incorporates a significant level of new technology and functionality—it is definitely not the next version of an existing solution.” he stated.

Teamcenter on the unified architecture includes input from thousands of global Teamcenter customers. It embodies best practices learned from our customers’ processes.  Our customers wanted to reduce number of systems to manage product data at different stages of life cycle. Our customers wanted to be able to link product information from one stage of the life cycle to another and be able to trace the information. Our customers wanted a solution that is able to support current processes but is transformative – enabling new processes. Teamcenter on the unified architecture is the answer to these customer needs.

Teamcenter is used by more than 6,400 customers across about 9,900 operations with over 5 million licensed seats. More than 2,000 of those installations have implemented Teamcenter on unified architecture for the first time or transitioned to the unified architecture. Customers small to large have embraced Teamcenter unified.Customers understand the value of the unified platform. We have multinational company like Ford and mid-size company like LM Wind Power have transitioned to Teamcenter’s Unified Architecture. To learnmore about Teamcenter on the unified architecture and customer case studies please  read  the CIMdata white paper entitled — “Teamcenter ‘unified:’ Siemens PLM Software’s Next Generation PLM Platform”.

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