Chat with Chuck

By NikPakvasa

Chat with Chuck is one of the highlights of PLM Connection. The format of the session was different than in previous years. The board had created, based on user input, certain topics for roundtable discussions duringthe first 3 days of the conference. In the first part of the session the outcome of the discussion was reported, by the roundtable leaders, as questions/input to Chuck. The second part of the session was opened up to the floor for questions/comments to Chuck

Questions and discussions were on wide ranging topics, that included software release cadence, best practices, use cases/usability, social networking for user input, quality and training.

Chat with Chuck was  very interactive, open and collaborative. Chuck was open to user suggestions and ideas.It was a sincere, open and serious dialogue. Each party, Siemens PLM Software and PLM Board/user community, took away actions to improve collaboration that could enable better exchange of ideas, use cases, etc.

If you want to hear more from Chuck, check out Dora’s video interview with him.

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