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I am getting ready to head up tomorrow to Boston for the rest of the week for our analyst event. As I wrote up on Thursday there will be no shortage of coverage from that event you can pick up here and on twitter. But before the analyst event madness begins I wanted to get out a quick post to all our users, specifically those in the Americas. The week of June 2nd, I will be heading to Orlando to give our user event, Siemens PLM Connection Americas the same treatment the analyst event will get this week: wall to wall updates. In addition to me though there will be 4-5 other folks providing updates here as well. We’ll be doing a number of interesting things this year and I’ll give everyone a heads up on what to look for here next week which should give you plenty of time to prepare. What I wanted to let everyone know this far in advance is that you have a role to play in getting the word out about what a great user group we have too. We’ll be encouraging all attendees to take advantage of the channels that have emerged in the last few years to let everyone at the user group and around the world know what you are up to while you are there. There are a number of ways you can participate:

  • Follow the blog posts and twitter stream that we create and add comments or respond

  • Create your own twitter account and send updates directly from your mobile phone on the sessions you are attending. Be sure to use the #plmconam08 tag in all your tweets so everyone can see what you have to say.

  • Post longer summaries to your own blog. Don’t have one? No problem, there will be someone at the info desk on Monday to help you start one. It’s free and it gives you a creative outlet for all those things you’ve been meaning to tell people. Remember again to tag your work with the plmconam08 so everyone can find it easily.

If the joy of self expression isn’t enough to motivate you, we will be handing out a prize on Thursday for a randomly selected commenter on the Siemens or PLM World blog, twitterer that uses the #plmconam08 tag or any independent blog that uses the plmconam08 tag. If that is all too much or you want something you can take with you and read on the plane, we’ve put together a handy little guide (PDF Link). See you all in all in Orlando in a few weeks. For now, on to Boston.

UPDATE: It seems we are not the only user conference who has caught on to using these tools to make it a better conference for everyone.

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