Boeing takes off

By Christian Kelley

There’s big goings on today at the largest aerospace corporation in the world. Boeing has decided to expand their implementation of Teamcenter to both new and selected legacy programs. Aerospace programs have some of the longest lifecycles out there, so this decision means that there could be data that started its life on a drafting board being stored in Teamcenter. It also means that Boeing is going to count on Teamcenter to enable design, build and service anywhere for selected current and future programs– a true testament to its scalability, adaptability and openness. I got a few minutes with Tim Nichols this morning to get the inside scoop on the Boeing decision and what it means for multi-national companies struggling to deal with the valuable information in their legacy systems and the challenges of optimizing the performance of a vast global enterprise with the stunning capabilities of the new PLM platform.

Boeing Interview with Tim Nichols

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