Basics of Synchronous Technology in NX

By JerrySarfati

As we approach the one year anniversary of the announcement of Synchronous Technology, I was reviewing some of materials we put together.

I have created some additional videos of the demonstrations that our field teams have found most useful in explaining NX Design Freedom.

In this first video, we highlight how simple it is to make changes to a face, by using push/pull.  Note that the blends update in real-time, as you modify the shell.  Then later on in the video, the system recognizes that the part has symmetry, and provides you with the option to modify both symmetric areas.

In the second video, we continue editing the part and make additional changes by pasting in new geometry to the adaptive shell.  Adaptive shell maintains the wall thickness when you modify the model.

Are these videos helpful? Should we produce more videos like this to explain Synchronous Technology in NX?

Let me know with a comment below,

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