ATK derives decision metrics using Teamcenter Report & Analytics

Listening to ATK Armament Systems’ Krista Vilandre and Paul Nelson present how they use Teamcenter reporting and analytics to pull metrics from Teamcenter systems engineering. They discuss why they measure a “requirements volatility metric.” They track requirements for months when there is a released document revision. Paul points out that previously, when a program had a need for reporting, they would log a formal request if it would take more than 80 hours to produce, and a management board would have to evaluate the request and decide whether to create that custom report. It was a major time effort. Then ATK had the idea to instead use their systems engineering business intelligence engine to generate reports, so they worked with eQube and Siemens PLM Software (which now offers an integration between Teamcenter and eQube) to automatically generate requirements reports.

Krista Vilandre + Paul Nelson ATK

The model at ATK Armaments Systems will blaze the trail for other ATK divisions, rolling out the reporting structure to 18-20 other ATK locations. Many of the same reports can be reused, and modifications will be much more straightforward than with the previous methods.

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