A few highlights from the Developer Connection kickoff presentation

Dave Mitchell just spent a half hour kicking off the Developer Connection for us.  He stepped in for Chuck Grindstaff at the last minute and did an excellent job highlighting how our development investments are supporting our partners.

The slides will be available with the details so I’ll just stick to some highlights.

We doubled the number of Foundation partners in the last 2 years of our partner program.  This continues to prove our commitment to being an open company with the largest and best partner ecosystem in PLM.

Chuck’s top 3 things that he wanted to talk about to our partners this year were, (and this is probably no surprise) Synchronous Technology, Open Tools and the Teamcenter Unified Architecture.

Dave made the point that Synchronous Technology really opens doors for our partners since it gives them the ability to supplement a customers CAD environment without necessarily having to supplant it.

The Service Oriented Architecture in the Teamcenter Unified Platform includes multiple language bindings. This makes it easier for our partners to develop using their preferred languages and methodologies whether they are writing calls in JAVA, C++ or .Net.

Finally, we continue to invest in SDKs for our Open Tools and make them easy to embed and extend.  We continue to put more tools in our partners’ hands to increase their market share and support their development investments.

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