A couple of quick statistics from Visteon

Jim Sistek presented on their use of Teamcenter.  Here are a few quick points he made about saving $$ and IT resources with our products.  Sorry for the format and lack of prose, but I scribbled down some interesting statistics as fast as I could.  You can have fast facts or elegant writing…but rarely both.

Visteon had a highly complex IT environment:

  • 1000 applications
  • 2100 servers
  • 1100 integrations
  • 83 % Outsourced

With Teamcenter Engineering:

Went to a “lean set of IT tools”

Far fewer corporate and plant applications.

77% fewer Integrations

65% fewer servers, etc…

Nearly 150 million dollars per year saved in IT costs

Yes, that’s right, one of our customers just reported saving 150 million dollars per year in IT costs.

And here’s how TC Community is changing the way they work:

  • Conduct 1000 meetings (internally)
  • Fundamental to Engineering offshore. 50% migration
  • Opening it up to Outside world to collaborate with suppliers and customers
  • 500 virtual meetings in the first week when opened up to other organizations

All of the parts around the world are in a single BOM now using Teamcenter Enterprise

  • 5000 users
  • 70,000 parts
  • 700,000 drawings
  • 2k Change requests per month

The changes to their purchasing process were huge.  They went from passing spreadsheets and .pdfs around the world to an integrated process with changes made to the BOM driven right from the engineers’ desks.

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