3D Printer Unboxing Ceremony

By MarkBurhop

When someone gets a cool bit of technology, many folks celebrate with an “unboxing ceremony”. I’m not really sure why they do this or how it got started.  Is it the cool product or that packaging has gotten that good? Is it that industrial designers are getting involved?

In any case, here’s our little unboxing ceremony for our Statasys Printer, from sitting in the mail room to printing its first model.  Enjoy:

Stratasys uPrint SE Plus and Supplies – The box

Serious packaging. It is not your ordinary box.

The 3D Printer emerges

Stratasys provides everything you need, even ethernet cables.

This is the material the printer uses. It looks like a big spool of weedeater line.

The material goes in here. There are two materials, one for the model, one for support.

Happy Printer ready to go.

Pull up the Solocup Coffee Table design in Solid Edge. Save as STL.

Install CatalystEX software. Load the coffee table and scale it.

Print the tiny table

A tiny coffee table is printed

There you have it. I must say, the number of boxes we got was a bit intimidating at first but when I showed them to one of our guys, he didn’t even want to read the directions. He said “some assembly required” is a rallying call for engineers. It has been working like a champ since.

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