Updates to JT2Go for Windows Desktop now available

By Mike Zink

Siemens PLM continues to improve the JT2Go for Windows Desktop with the 10.1.5 release.

An often request improvement was the ability to set both units and precision for the measurement function, both options are now in place. JT2Go also offers users easy access to model views through a model view pull down dialog.With this release we improve the experience by adding order and filter capabilities.

Documentation for JT2Go is now web based.

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10.1.5 Release Notes

To download JT2Go and learn more about the platforms available visit the JT2Go website at


4 thoughts about “Updates to JT2Go for Windows Desktop now available
  • Hello together, It seems it is an buck in all JT2Go 9 up to 10 versions files. If you try to update your JT2Go from an older version to an newer version the JT2Go setup says always “it is already an newer version already installed at the PC, please remove first the newer version”. How we can fix this, that we can use update from JT2Go and install the newer version from JT2Go with not a remove of the older version? Thank you for your help in advanced.

  • Hi, The JT2Go 10.1.5 release is the first to introduce update without first removing the older version. This means the versions after 10.1.5 will be able to update without unistalling, Sorry, we could not make this work retroactively.

  • Hello Mike,

    well this I do not mean (Sorry for my English). The problem is JT2Go 9 is as an example installed at the desktop already. If you than try to install a JT2Go version 10 it pops up the messenger ho say “a newer version is already at your system”. (not with this words but this is the sentence)
    You has given me already an very helpfull answer for it.

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