JT in the Model Based Enterprise

By John_W

The foundation of a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) is the 3D product definition also known as “the model”.In order to support all the necessary PLM processes, there are two vital enablers. The first one, of course, is a fully defined model that contains all the information needed to define the product. The other is model visualization capability for every member of the Enterprise.


Each stakeholder in the MBE needs the ability to view and interrogate the model in order to perform their job. Some users like CAD designers and manufacturing engineers require the highest fidelity models and complete definition. These users typically need a CAD model and associated CAD software, but most Enterprise users don’t require that level of precision or definition, they simply require an accurate model that supports basic viewing, geometry interrogation and markup capabilities. For these types of Enterprise users, JT is the perfect visualization file format because it has the right degree of precision, is small in size and is supported by a wide range of PLM applications. It is the ISO standard format for 3D visualization and collaboration.


Viewing JT files is easy and in some cases, completely free!  Siemens PLM offers a number of viewers that support JT files including JT2Go. JT2Go is our no cost viewer for JT. It is well featured for the Enterprise user and supports primary view controls (rotate, pan, zoom, etc), standard views, product structure and basic measurement.


If you are not already familiar with JT and our free JT2Go viewer, I encourage you to download it and give it a test drive. I think you will be impressed by its functionality and ease of use.

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