JT 4 Office temporarily removed from the store

By Mike Zink

When JT2Go Desktop moved to the 64 bit platform we had to leave the old Office Integration behind. The direction from Microsoft for working with Office products on the 64 bit platform is to use Add-ins. 

JT 4 Office has been temoprailty removed from the Office Store. Siemens is currently working with Microsoft on Office solutions that support 3D JT data


6 thoughts about “JT 4 Office temporarily removed from the store
  • I just tried installing JT 4 Office on my computer and it fails to initialize in Word. I’m using Windows 10 64-bit but I have Office 2016 32-bit installed. Does JT 4 Office require 64-bit Office applications? The add-in appears in Word, but when I click on it to open the dialog, it just opens blank, with no features or controls.

  • When this “JT 4 office” will be available again for download ?

    I have a customer requirement to show JT inside the microsoft with 3D rotation capabilities.

    Whats the way forward on this ?


  • No solution up to now? Can’t understand why we have to wait for such a long time.
    It’s better to choose a second party viewer which allows to handle the daily business .

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