EE DesignIt: Delivering Smarter Faster With Toolkit for IC Innovation

By nileshthiagarajan

Excerpt from article: “Delivering Smarter Faster With Toolkit for IC Innovation

The new Catapult software High-Level Synthesis (HLS) AI Toolkit and HLS ecosystem are designed to help customers jumpstart the development of complex machine learning IC architectures.

Meanwhile, Siemens EDA has also announced it is adding AI/ML infrastructure throughout the Calibre platform, and is launching the first two of these AI/ML-powered technologies: Calibre Machine Learning OPC (mlOPC) and Calibre LFD with Machine Learning, both of which leverage machine learning software for faster, more accurate results.

These new offerings further expand Siemens EDA’s fast-growing portfolio of AI/ML-powered solutions. Last year, Siemens EDA acquired Solido, a pioneer in AI/ML-enhanced EDA tools. Solido’s customers include 15 of the world’s 20 largest global chip design firms.

More than 3,000 design engineers use Solido’s AI/ML-powered tools to drastically speed development for many of the world’s most popular and sophisticated semiconductor designs in production today.

“It’s becoming evident that a vast majority of products being developed for the foreseeable future will incorporate AI/ML in some capacity – what’s smart today will become smarter with AI/ML,” said Joe Sawicki, Executive Vice President of IC EDA for Siemens EDA. “Siemens EDA is committed to developing solutions with functionality that will help our customers more easily integrate AI/ML into their products.

“In addition, Siemens EDA…

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