Mentor Juices AI Chips with AI

By nileshthiagarajan

Excerpt from article: “Mentor Juices AI Chips with AI

On the brink of the Design Automation Conference (DAC), EDA companies are busy sharpening their message for the industry’s biggest annual conference.  For Siemens EDA, this year is all about Artificial Intelligence.

In an interview with EE Times , Joe Sawicki, executive vice president of the Mentor IC EDA group at Siemens, said that the industry is surprised at the swift progress of fundamental AI research in universities. Even more surprising is that in the span of just a few years, these advances have spread and become almost ubiquitous throughout the commercial market. The improvements in AI are across almost all categories of the technology, from neural networks to machine learning (ML) to deep learning and inferences. For EDA companies, it has become imperative “to meet the growing needs by IC designers exploring various AI architectures,” Sawicki noted.

Asked about EDA’s role in AI, Sawicki claimed that “EDA tools can improve the levels and performance of AI” to a point previously not available. 

Read the entire article on EETimes originally published on May 23rd, 2019.

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