SemiWiki: Mentor Showcases Digital Twin Demo

By nileshthiagarajan

Excerpt from article: “Mentor Showcases Digital Twin Demo

Siemens EDA put on a very interesting tutorial at DVCon this year. Commonly DVCon tutorials center around a single tool; less commonly (in my recent experience) they will detail a solution flow but still within the confines of chip or chip + software design. It is rare indeed to see presentations on a full system design including realistic use-case development, system design and end-application validation together with an electro-mechanical model. That’s what Siemens EDA presented in this tutorial and my hat is off to them. Obviously synergy with Siemens is starting to have an impact.

Jacob Wiltgen (Siemens EDA, all the speakers were from Siemens EDA) kicked off by outlining their goal for a level 4/5 autonomous car: to develop a computer vision system from scratch, to functionally verify that systems and optimize for PPA, to plan, measure and integrate safety into the system to meet an ASIL-B safety goal and then to validate the operation of that system in a digital twin all the way from sensing in simulated but realistic driving scenarios, through compute (recognition) to actuation, electro-mechanically simulating braking. In this case the goal was to detect a pedestrian in the highway and apply the brakes autonomously.

Read the entire article on SemiWiki originally published on March 6th, 2019.

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