Multi-disciplinary design optimization for heavy equipment of the future

By Beth Warner

The heavy equipment industry is changing rapidly. Driven by regulatory pressure and consumer expectations, new technologies are emerging, particularly around autonomous operation and power sources that are increasingly electrified. This has the effect of driving much more complexity into machines than ever before. Increasing the challenge for manufacturers, there is more competitive pressure than ever. Not only do they need to design and build machines that are more innovative and complex, they need to do it in a reduced time frame while maintaining quality and performance.

Solving integration issues from the start

A multi-discliplinary design and engineering approach is needed to bring these new machines to market. Existing equipment design methods, where each discipline works independently and integration happens at the end of the process, are not sufficient to deliver new, complex machines in a timely, competitive manner. Each discipline, from mechanical to electrical, electronic, and software, must work together in a concurrent manner from the same data set with full visibility of the complete design at all times. Breaking down the barriers between disciplines is essential to delivering the advanced heavy equipment of the future while maintaining quality and minimizing costs.

A complete end-to-end solution

Siemens offers a complete, multi-disciplinary design and engineering platform, built on Siemens Xcelerator. This platform enables you to go from customer and government requirements to concept design, all the way through to the finished machine operating in the field. Built on proven technology, this cloud-enabled solution uses a single source of data throughout the engineering process.

Multi Disciplinary design quote

Working from the same data set improves collaboration and integration while reducing errors and costly rework. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming, error-prone translation. Collaboration is further enhanced with an immersive design environment that helps everyone to see the whole design in context. Enabled by proven mechanical design with NX, electrical design with Capital, and data management with Teamcenter, only Siemens offers a complete, end-to-end solution for engineering the complex machines of the future.

NX CAD software demonstration videos

Siemens NX CAD allows you to:

  • Build the richest most ​comprehensive digital ​twin of your product
  • Engage with personalized ​adaptable software
  • Use the best solutions ​
  • Build on a flexible open ecosystem

In this short video, you can see a quick demonstration of how NX allows you to… account for the electromechanical design… with the cab of a heavy equipment tractor during the design phase…

This short video provides a quick demonstration of the NX virtual reality capabilities:

NX delivers advanced 3D design capabilities to Siemens’ Xcelerator, integrating across disciplines to deliver​ the comprehensive digital twin. Get started accelerating your heavy equipment design today.

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