Why machine builders should put their PLM in the cloud

By Jason Meyers

When machine builders implement a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, they need to decide whether they want the software on-premise or in the cloud.

The pros and cons of each scenario have been debated countless times in many places across the internet.

More and more forward-thinking machine builders are moving their PLM solutions to the cloud, often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

PLM for Machine Builders is one of those SaaS PLM solutions.

The advantages of PLM in the cloud

Machine builders of all sizes are choosing PLM in the cloud because it’s more accessible, flexible, efficient and cost-effective compared to an on-premise solution.

SaaS PLM can be implemented more quickly with solutions up and running within days and at a fraction of the up-front costs.

Once in place, users can access PLM anytime from anywhere with an internet connection, and it can easily scale up and down as needs change.

This short webinar clip highlights six big advantages of using a PLM in the cloud solution like PLM for Machine Builders.

Discover the advantages of PLM in the cloud.

PLM in the cloud with Teamcenter X

Hosting PLM in the cloud enables organizations to implement much-needed solutions more quickly and cost-effectively than an on-premise solution.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) in the cloud makes it easier to access the data, processes, business systems and people from a single location.

Managing information throughout the lifecycle of a product – from ideation, design and manufacturing to service and disposal – can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively with a SaaS PLM solution like Teamcenter X from Siemens.

These capabilities are supported by a strategic partnership between Siemens and AWS.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, and it’s used to support Siemens cloud-based software in delivering industrial-grade reliability, security and speed.

Watch this short webinar clip to learn more about Teamcenter X.

A quick explanation of Teamcenter X PLM solution

Get started with SaaS PLM

Beginning with SaaS PLM is easier because it can be installed and ready to go within days.

Users can access PLM for Machine Builders from a browser window, and on day one, they have built-in industry best practices and AI-supported usability.

Additionally, SaaS PLM is always up-to-date with the latest version and allows users to scale up and down quickly when work changes.

This brief webinar clip discusses what it takes for companies to get started with a SaaS PLM solution in the cloud.

How to get started with a SaaS PLM solution

Go more in-depth with PLM for Machine Builders

This brief introduction to PLM for Machine Builders has only touched on a few of its features and benefits.

The complete on-demand 30-minute webinar takes a closer look at how to get started with PLM, the advantages and disadvantages of using PLM in the cloud, the three pillars of PLM for Machine Builders, and demonstrations of how the software works in multiple scenarios for different users.

Here’s a small teaser of what you can expect.

A teaser of the on-demand webinar, “PLM for Machine Builders.”

Learn more about PLM for Machine Builders in this ebook or try a free 30-day trial.

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