4 trends driving industrial machinery (and how you can use them to your advantage)

By Jason Meyers

Industrial machinery companies are looking at new ways of doing things as they transform their businesses to adapt to new challenges.

The challenges ahead are vast and varied, but every obstacle falls into one of four overall trends moving the industry forward.

The four trends are introduced in this brief webinar clip:

Industrial machinery experts list 4 key trends in the industry

Consumer-driven customization: Consumers’ preferences are constantly changing, but the current change is focused on personalized or customized products. Companies need to design and build new machines capable of supporting a wider variety of product mixes and more rapid and frequent changeovers.

Smart machines: Industrial component suppliers are embracing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), and the machinery manufacturers are learning how to take advantage of the massive amounts of data their machines generate.

Hyperautomation: Electrical and control automation engineers are first to harness all the data and better understand machine behavior and performance to build the next generation of faster, more productive machines.

Global competition and new business models: This has always existed, but new startups are more flexible and agile. As experienced employees retire, many employers have been forced to replace their workforce with machine learning.

Industrial machinery manufacturers are facing these challenges head-on with Intelligent Performance Engineering.

All together, these trends add up to one single challenge: complexity.

The companies embracing this complexity will excel in the future because they’ll have a competitive advantage over the competition.

Watch this short webinar clip to find out the three keys to gaining a competitive advantage:

Gaining a competitive advantage

Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) addresses the increasing complexity caused by these trends and empowers machine builders to tackle these challenges head on.

Learn more about IPE and find out how forward-thinking companies are solving problems with new methods in this educational webinar.

For an in-depth look at this topic and more, read the introductory white paper, “Intelligent Performance Engineering: A new approach to machine building.”

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