WEBINAR: The Future Car Impact on Engineering Software

By Julianne Bass

FutureCarImpactonEngineeringSoftwareWebinar.jpgSiemens PLM has teamed up with CompositesWorld to bring you “The Impact of the “Future Car” on Engineering Software.”

The car of the future is inevitable and will undoubtedly look and perform very differently from that of the conventional car that we are all used to.

The question upon us now is “what will the new demands be on the creation process of these “future cars” and what will be expected of engineering software?” Changes will certainly be needed. In this presentation, we will discuss: 

  • The major trends in the industry

  • The impact of these trends on engineering content 

  • Changes to engineering software that will allow engineers to meet the design challenges that the “future car” presents


What changes will be required to design and manufacture the car of the future? A shift towards technology, light weighting materials, and interiors will be examined as they continue to evolve.

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