WEBINAR: Solutions for Composite Aerostructure Development Challenges

By Julianne Bass

iStock-921930191.jpgThe aerospace industry continues to mature new approaches to composite aerostructure development.  Novel assembly approaches combined with the increasing use of composite materials have uncovered challenges whose solutions are leading to strong competitive advantages for companies that employ them.

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Solutions for Composite Aerostructure Development Challenges

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This presentation reviews approaches for solving these challenges for assemblies and composites.  It will illustrate how specialized software can achieve a step change in the ease of definition and improve collaboration within design teams and data exchange across the supply chain.  For composites, powerful part-type specific design approaches that capture the essential definition of a composite part give design and manufacturing engineers significant advantages in speed and quality.  For assemblies, understanding the interaction of composite part structure with the assembly structure offers an opportunity for improved efficiencies as well.

Exciting new capabilities in these areas make aerostructure development more controlled and robust, which ultimately leads to the faster and more profitable delivery of industry leading products.

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