Webinar: Seat trim development through integrated disciplines & enhanced communication

By Julianne Bass


Seat design and manufacturing software like Mastertrim have revolutionized the trim cover development process for multiple industries including Automotive and Aerospace; most specifically OEM’s and Tier1 suppliers. 

This webinar illustrates technical and business challenges that exist for the OEM and Tier1 supplier that impact cost and time to market and how solutions like Mastertrim, for seat trim development can be leveraged to overcome them. 

This presentation will show viewers how:

  • OEM’s can utilize seat trim development solutions earlier in the design cycle to identify manufacturing challenges

  • Streamline communication between the studio and seat engineering departments.

  • Identify and reduce the number of issues passed on to suppliers that lead to costly design changes and delayed program launches.

Mastertrim is the most all-encompassing solution when it comes to seat trim engineering challenges. It eliminates the reliance on prototypes, significantly reduces time to first article, increases productivity through automation and minimizes the risk that comes with cost uncertainty.

It enables companies to create a complete digital twin of their part through design, validation and optimization and transforms their choice CAD system into a system for trim engineers.  The digital twin can then be leveraged and the data from it integrated back into a product lifecycle management system.

Register for this webinar now and learn how to get the most out of your seat trim development processes.

Follow this link to register for this on-demand seat trim engineering webinar now. 

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