WEBINAR: Exploring Current Composite Trends with Teesside University

Composites are becoming increasingly predominant in automotive lightweight strategy to meet strict emission regulations and increase fuel efficiency. However it brings a whole new set of challenges to design, analysis, manufacturing, data management and quality assurance.iStock-180435961.jpg

In this webinar, Dr. David Hughes will explore a series of current trends in the automotive composite sector. Dr. David Hughes is a Senior lecturer at Teesside University specializing in materials engineering. His work focuses around plymer composite processing and production. David works with a number of regional and international partners innovating and developing composite solutions. 

The webinar topics will include waste reduction techniques, fibre recycling and thermoplastic composites.

We will review the use of geopolymers as performance surface materials enabling significant improvements in thermal degradation and service temperature of composite structures.

The webinar will also address the current composite design skills gap and how Fibersim is being integrated into Teesside University’s undergraduate degree program exploring impacts on students and employability.

From this session you will gain an understanding of:

  • current automotive composite trends

  • strategies for pre-preg waste reduction

  • geopolymers and performance surface plies

  • how digital manufacturing can be used to bridge the composite skills gap

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Exploring Current Composite Trends with Teesside University

Presenter: Dr David J. Hughes, Senior Lecturer Materials Engineering, Teesside University


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