WEBINAR: Design and Simulation of High Performance Composite Aerostructures

By Julianne Bass


Composites in a modern aerostructure represent 50% of weight and 80% of volume; this means that the composite laminate definition is the dominant data set over the entire aircraft lifecycle.  OEMs and suppliers are under pressure to rapidly improve their composite development capability to address this driving concern and are willing to invest in improving design-analysis workflows and deepening capabilities in this composites simulation. They must engage in efforts to improve their capabilities faster than composite product complexities increase.  Simcenter 3D provides flexible methodologies that more rapidly optimize composite designs. More efficient model generation shortens design cycles, offering the potential to do more of them, thus improving the product. Unique analysis methods offer the potential for realistic prediction of structural behavior. These capabilities, which are complementary to Fibersim, allow PL to deliver a strategic composites solution to our customers.

Join us for our upcoming CompositesWorld webinar

Design and Simulation of High Performance Composite Aerostructures

Presenter: John O’Connor, Director of Product & Market Strategy, Siemens PLM Software


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