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Mohamed Alarabi

Mohamed Alarabi checks many of the boxes you’d suspect for a career in technical product engineering — bachelor’s and master’s…

Karen Chow

Karen Chow’s professional focus is product engineering in the realm of semiconductor technology, one of the hottest fields around these…

Massingham pitching for the Stuttgart Reds in 2015.

Eric Massingham

Among the dwindling number of rituals and traditions that bind people together and translate well across cultures, sports stand out….

Siemens DI SW CEO & VP of Australia and New Zealand, Sam Murray

Samantha Murray

Australia. Known for beaches and love of the outdoors, irreverent fun, and athletic overachievers supported by fans who tend to…

Pete Tiernan with quote

Pete Tiernan

Michigan native Pete Tiernan has a passion for writing that has guided him throughout his career at Siemens and otherwise….

Brooke Heerdegen & Alex Hertlein

Brooke Heerdegen & Alex Hertlein

Editor’s note: Among the best parts of working in executive comms at Siemens is the chance to get to know…

Kuni Horita

Kuni Horita

Software is eating the world. Marc Andreessen first asserted as much back in 2011 and today, the phrase is as…

Stephen Ferguson headshot

Stephen Ferguson

Stephen Ferguson defies expectations. He’s a burly 6’2” with an impressive beard and looks to be built for rugby, though…

Al Zeitoun

Al Zeitoun

Imagine you’re talking to a senior operations colleague with a kitchen sink of credentials – an engineering Ph.D. fluent in…