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Missed the RISC-V Summit last week in San Francisco?

By jeffreyhancock

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Before we dive deeper, here is a short video of Siemens Embedded, presenting a demonstration on ‘How software can enable your next RISC-V devices’

Video Link:

This blog will expand on some of the important things I discussed in the video above.

RISC-V Challenges today

Growing ISA: As RISC-V breeds innovation through open standard collaboration, the ISA keeps growing. As a result, keeping up with the speed of change and evolution of the ISA becomes very challenging for any individual firm.

Making the most of RISC-V: In order to leverage unique modes and features of the RISC-V architecture in your device, you need to find the optimal balance of features and performance. Additionally, you would also need to skillfully manage multiple cores-whether homogeneous or heterogeneous.

The Internet of Things: Enabling IoT connectivity with remote management, monitoring, and maintenance can be an incredibly complicated task.

However, you’re not alone in facing these challenges. Siemens Embedded Software comes with industry-leading expertise and years of experience as a trusted advisor. We offer a wide array of solutions and can deliver everything you may need to ensure success in the next RISC-V venture you undertake.

How Siemens makes a difference

Siemens Embedded is committed to bringing its broad product portfolio to RISC-V. Siemens is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for RISC-V based technologies. We are committed to bringing our broad product portfolio to RISC-V. This includes toolchains, RTOS, and Linux to enable your embedded applications to take maximum advantage of RISC-V hardware.

In response to the ever-growing ISA, Siemens offers

Toolchain Commercialization: Moving from open-source community software downloads to commercial grade toolchains

Toolchain Customization: Tuning toolchains to maximize customer application performance on the target hardware

Toolchain Support: Keeping toolchains up to date for the life of your embedded products in the field

Siemens helps you take full advantage of the RISC-V architecture by empowering you to take critical decisions thathelp you make the best use of the resources at hand. Decisions such as

Selecting the ideal runtime: The ideal runtime for your device depends on a multitude of factors like cost, available source code, available features and the freedom to customize—just to name a few.

Fitness of your Design: Determining the best course of design and resource allocation by balancing real-time requirements, memory, CPU usage and boot time.

Multicore/ Multi-OS Management: Multicore processing systems allow for consolidation of system functions which may introduce incremental complexity while adding functionality.

Security Vulnerability Monitoring: Constantly monitors hundreds of sources (like official vendor advisory pages, vulnerability databases, security mailing lists, commercial security providers, security researcher blogs, etc.)

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