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Continued learning

By Colin Walls

I recently wrote about our “what we learned” project that we started last year. The idea was to think about what we had learned each day, record it and discuss from time to time. I shared some interesting examples of nuggets of new knowledge …

Here is another selection, having filtered out the personal or anachronistic ones:

  • There are 3 kinds of bed mattress filler: memory foam, gel and natural.
  • “sudo chflags -R nouchg” frees a locked Mac file.
  • Isle of Man is a cool place.
  • Paris has only one top level football team.
  • Washing hands should take the time you need to sing Happy Birthday twice.
  • The epidemic in 1918 was called Spanish ‘flu as Spain didn’t censor newspapers – US and UK did.
  • Premature babies were a fairground attraction in the US 100 years ago.
  • Midway was the name of the amusement part of a US country fair and got its name from a district in South Chicago.
  • Taking 2 poo bags on a dog walk is wise.
  • Springsteen wrote Because the Night and Blinded by the Light.
  • HIV victims can now take a pill once a day that reduces their viral load to an undetectable level.
  • UK ambulances have 4 different siren tones.

There will be more!


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