Progress on “12 things”

At the end of last year, I drew up a list of 12 “things” [goals, if you like] for 2019 and I wrote about them here. We are now 2 months into the year and I thought that it was about time to report on progress [or lack thereof] …

I have certainly made some progress on the list:

1. have a meat-free month – We have decided that the month of March will be meat free. This suits me, as my birthday is at the beginning of April, so I can start thinking about what kind of steak I want …

7. do regular yoga – We have booked and are attending a weekly class, which the most possible progress.

8. home office makeover – A significant amount of painful cupboard clearing has taken place. This is progress!

10. buy no clothes in 2019 – I have bought none so far. My main worry is just forgetting and impulse buying something.

12. research swifts’ habitat (nest boxes) – This one was rather urgent, as the swifts’ nesting season is approaching. A friend has given us one nest box and I have ordered another, identical one. The friend also gave us a CD of swift calls, which apparently can be played to attract them. I’ll give it a try.

Not a bad start, I would say.

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