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Industrial Internet of Things architecture

By Colin Walls

The flavor of the month [or, rather, of the last few years] in technical circles, and even the general press, has been the IoT – the Internet of Things. The implications of this technology [or, to be more precise, this coming together of multiple technologies] is having and will continue to have a profound effect on all our lives. The usual focus is on the impact of the IoT on our home lives [“Alexa! What is the IoT?”] and transportation. However, a significant effect, that has been slowly progressing over many years, is connectivity and automation in industrial contexts. This leads to the IIoT – the Industrial Internet of Things …

As with the IoT, the IIoT is the coming together of numerous technologies, which present developers with many challenges. A new white paper seeks to clarify matters by outlining some of the key architectural considerations required for the successful operation of smart devices within an IIoT infrastructure, with a focus on the software that runs on the device. The challenges are highlighted and a promising new framework that addresses some of the key device software gaps is presented. The paper is a free download and well worth a read.

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