Photos that are not pictures

As I have written about before, when I am not thinking about embedded systems, one of my main interests is photography. I have been taking pictures all my life, but, in recent years, I have started to think more about what I photograph and why I do it. I regard this as evidence of an emerging style…

I suppose it is possible to categorize images in various ways, for example:

Record shots that simply illustrate something or someone:

Images that tell some kind of story:

Pictures that are just nice to look at [i.e. have hang on the wall quality]:

Abstract pictures that do not clearly relate to any real thing – reflections or close-ups for example:

Images that are an exercise in shapes and/or textures, where the subject may be recognizable, but is unimportant or subsidiary; some examples:

It is this last category that particularly interests me. They can be aesthetically pleasing, but are they of value?

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