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My 3 best pictures of 2016

By Colin Walls

If someone asks me about my hobbies, I have an instant list of activities with which I fill my free time. There are a few of them and the list might change from time to time, but one constant is photography. I have been doing photography, to some extent, all my adult life, but it has been a particularly strong interest over the last 20 years or so. During this time I have belonged to camera clubs, won awards, sold pictures, had pictures published, done talks, done competition judging and, of course, taken lots of pictures. Until now …

For some reason, I have just not been taking many pictures lately. I do not know why – I feel as if I have the photography equivalent of Writer’s Block. Trying to get my inspiration back, I endeavored to take some pictures on my recent vacation – just to prove that I can still do it. I took my “real” camera with me. I use my iPhone for taking quick snaps [and the results can be excellent], but for more serious photography I have a Sony A7 full-frame mirrorless DSLR, which can produce outstanding results [if someone presses the shutter release at the right time].

As we just reached the half-way point of the year, I thought that I would review the [few] pictures that I have taken so far in 2016 and pick out my 3 favorites. It turns out that they were all from my vacation. So maybe my attempt to stimulate inspiration worked a bit, at least. Here are those images:

The first one is very simple and almost monochromatic. I like the simple shapes and the recession of the mountains on the distant island.


I always like nautical stuff – it goes back to my involvement with boats in my childhood. This image is all about shapes and textures.


Lastly, the postcard shot. The sea really was that color!


At the end of the year, I will do another similar review. I hope that I get my “mojo” back …

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